We’re Moving!


It is with an excited, yet  heavy heart that Neil and I share with you that we are moving!

A few months ago we began looking for a new home. Specifically, a ranch with less square footage.  The reality of living with CD is steps are becoming increasingly difficult for me. Especially carrying things up and down them.   Maintaining and cleaning our current home is becoming more of a challenge too.

We quickly discovered that ranches right now are few and far between.  And if you are lucky enough to find one, it sells before you get to look at it!  We had a small window of time to buy— spring into this summer when I am not working. If we missed this window, we would need to wait until spring 2018 to start again.  But God is good, and the power of prayer is awesome, so we were lucky enough to get the second house we bid on!!!

When Neil and I purchased our current home 12 years ago, we expected it to be our “forever home.” It’s where we brought both girls home from the hospital and we expected to see them through college in this house.  I love our house.  We LOVE all our neighbors. But our home is no longer what is best for our family.

Our new home is a short walk to two parks and an even shorter walk to local businesses to get ice cream and coffee. I am beyond thrilled to be on a ½ acre where there is enough room for the large garden I have been forcing into a small yard.  (That’s the only reason Neil convinced my stubborn self to move.)  And by the grace of God, we ended up a few miles down the road, where both girls get to remain in their current schools.  Which is unexpected and AMAZING.

And me.  You all know me.  I’ve  spent most days over the past month riddled with guilt over this transition, shedding sad and happy tears. That shouldn’t come as a surprise.  But I am excited for our next chapter to begin.

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