What’s My Story?

So, why the picture of the water?  Recently, someone in one of my support groups said, “If you’re going to be in pain anyway, you might as well have a good view!”  Agreed.

I am a wife,  mother,  a full-time teacher, an advocate, and a fighter who shares a body with cervical dystonia, vestibular neuritis, celiac disease and chronic depression. It’s kind of a lot to fit in one body.  I am a habitual late night reader,  Netflix binger, and morning grump (who is pretty sure that 5 am is a mythical time).   And I am living the most insane,  agonizing, amazing life with blessing too numerous to count.  God is good!

Up until about a year ago, I wasn’t a writer.  (To be honest, most days I still don’t consider myself a writer.)   For a long time, I ignored God’s call for me to write thinking, “What makes me so special?”  When I finally sat down to write, I wrote my first piece in one sitting and it was immediately published by the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation of Canada.  Shortly after that, I received a phone call out of the blue from Patient Worthy asking me to become a regular contributor. So,  then I started listening and haven’t stopped writing since.   Little by little my attitude towards writing is starting to blossom.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.  You can also find my work on the  Dystonia Medical Research Foundation of Canada website, Rare Disease Day website, I have been quoted by The Mighty and I am so happy to be a regular contributor for Patient Worthy.



1 thought on “What’s My Story?

  1. PURE prosperity

    Hi Amber. thanks for sharing your journey. I feel when I share mine, it is helpful not only for myself but for others. Have you tried nutrition and detox therapies?
    I have been able to get off medication and live seizure free for over 5 years.



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